The 62nd Fighting Falcons way to fly. fight. explore.

The 62nd Fighting Falcons is a club created by air combat simulation enthusiasts. Based in Brisbane, the club has been operating since 1994, and provides a way for air combat enthusiasts to achieve the ultimate simulation experience - flying realistic flight simulation as a member of a squadron.The club holds regular LAN and online meetings and visitors are always welcome.

Who We Are

The 62nd Fighting Falcons is a club operated by a group of air combat enthusiasts in Brisbane, Australia. We use high-fidelity PC simulations to reproduce some of the challenges and excitement experienced by real combat pilots. Our focus is on developing realistic skills in flying, combat and teamwork, to the limits of the simulations that we use. As such, the club focusses almost exclusively on flying together as a team, in cooperative missions where we must coordinate and support each other against computer-controlled threats. The group flys online weekly, and meets for a monthly LAN, where we engage in both training missions for newer members and continuing 'live' combat missions for all members. Visitors are always welcome to the LAN sessions. Because of the complexity of the simulations, and the need to keep the club focussed, we stick to just one simulation used by all members at all meetings. Currently our simulation of choice is DCS World.

Membership Requirements

Our membership requirements are not particularly demanding:

  1. You must have your own PC capable of running the simulation of choice, and suitable controllers.
  2. You must own a legal copy of the simulation of choice! This is mandatory - the 62nd Fighting Falcons does not allow software piracy!

Apart from that, all you need is a desire to learn to fly and fight in a team, and a love of taking on a tough challenge! Learning to survive and be effective with a complex air combat simulation is no easy task; you aren't going to be able to just jump in a plane and start blasting bad guys. You will get plenty of support and assistance from the more experienced club members, though - we want to help you become one of the team!

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Our 20 year History

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