The 62nd Fighting Falcons

The 62nd Fighting Falcons is a club created by air combat simulation enthusiasts. Based in Brisbane, the club has been operating since 1994, and provides a way for air combat enthusiasts to achieve the ultimate simulation experience - flying realistic flight simulation as a member of a squadron.The club holds regular LAN and online meetings and visitors are always welcome.

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True Co-operative Experience

Enjoy the challenge and rewards of being part of a coperative team working towards common goals

Realistic Tactics

We use realistic strategies and tactics to add authenticity and challenge regardless of the platform

Support and Training

Supporting new members is a key aspect of the club culture both in online and offline play.


Choose your platform and whether to play online, offline or both.

Public Displays

Opportunities to put on public displays at flight and simulation events

Fun and friendships

At the end of the day the club is about sharing adventures with mature and like-minded enthusiasts

Once Club Many Adventures

The 62nd Fighting Falcons utilize a variety of simulation platforms to extend the same co-operative gameplay experience to land sea and space.